College Admission – Race Conscious and Legacy

When I started my first real job right after graduating from college, I was sent to a small company in Germany where we had business with.  It was a research oriented firm  founded by a German college professor and managed by his engineer son. A couple of months past and I got to know everyone in the company pretty well and felt comfortable asking business and private questions.  I was curious how Germans would approach the affirmative action and hiring process.  The president of the company simply said, “That (the affirmative action) is not what we pay attention to.  I just hire people who qualify for what I am looking for.”   I looked around and saw plenty of diversity at his firm even though the president was not purposely enforcing the affirmative action.   

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What are reasons to sack tenured professors?

Tenure track faculty, Prof. or Associate Prof. in front of his/her name, is guaranteed the professorship for life.  This is pretty sweet compare to common practice in other industries where people get laid off or fired all the time.  There is no work place your position is safe for life except academic field.  Regardless of you agree or disagree with the academic tenure, I was just curious if there are some cases a professor can be terminated.  

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Best Mother’s Day Gift – Decent Son/Daughter

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!  I am a mother of one, but I was not ready to raise my child when she was born.  I have never babysat in my life and I never considered myself as a “mom” type, whatever that means.  I focused on myself way more than I should have.  So I had zero parenting knowledge because I was not interested in children, until I got my own.   

I might have done something incorrectly but thank God, my daughter turned out to be a smart and caring young woman.

There are some suggestions helped me to raise her well.

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Fly Now, Pay Later – It is a trap!

Travel now, pay later is available from some airlines, American Airline, JetBlue, Southwest, and United Airlines. They all teamed up with a travel loan servicing company called Uplift. The common message is that these airlines want you to have fun and worry the payment later.


Uplift website says:

  • Finance from $500 to $10,000 per travel package
  • Interest rate is not shown on the website but I believe it depends on your credit score — high interest rate for people with bad credit score and/or high debt to income ratio
  • You need to go through application process just like applying for a credit card
  • No prepayment penalty

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You Can Work Your Way Through College

I read “You Can’t Work Your Way Through College Anymore” comment by Richard R. West on Wall Street Journal, March 16, 2018. His argument is that the cost of college went up higher and faster than increase of minimum wage so there is no way to graduate 4-year college without taking student loan.

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College and MeToo Movement

My heart goes to young gymnasts violated by a sports medicine doctor, Larry Nassar. There are plenty of opinions and criticism about the doctor and the US Gymnastics Board so I am not going there. Instead, I like to talk about college and sports/students.

It is obviously someone at Michigan State University (Dr. Nassar’s former employer) knew the sexual harassment incidents at some point. The university did not initiate an investigation of these crimes. After the news broke national headline, Michigan State reacted – the allegation was surprise to them and no one important at the school knew about it, they claimed. They seemed to be very defensive.

According to the Wall Street Journal article in March 19, 2018,, Dr. Nassar’s supervisor, William Strampel did not believe the allegation and did not want Dr. Nassar fired.

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Does College worth your money and time?

Many people have started asking if college is something worth investing because of sky-high cost of college, student loan debt problem at many American households. According to the USA Today, average student loan debt is about $30,000 per borrower. My answer to a big question, “Does College worth your money?” is, it all depends.

I believe in education but college is not for everyone. Some people are good with hands, for example, fixing cars or making furniture. I recommend people with these skills to go to vocational school, not college. We all need mechanics, carpenters, shoe makers, and etc. Embrace your talent and our diversity! Having diverse workforce of talents and skills are good for all of us! Admiring on a college degree and disrespecting other non-academic skills make this world unhealthy. We need people with different talents. We do not need everybody to be an attorney. 

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Should college tuition waiver be taxed?

New proposed GOP tax plan, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is not a law yet. It passed the House and Senate. The House bill is different from the Senate version. So the next step for the US Congress is to make a unified bill from both House and Senate. I don’t want to make comments by anticipating a disaster when it has not even become a law. But you need to know that the House bill, not Senate version is pushing taxing on:

  • Tuition waiver from a college, and
  • Tuition assistance from an employer

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Alternative to a Student Loan? Income Share Agreement (ISA)

I happened to read an Income Share Agreement (ISA) article in Wall Street Journal published in Sept. 11, 2017. I never heard of an ISA until I read the article. I was curious. “What is an ISA?” “Is an ISA actually a student loan disguised in a fancy phrase?” The article said it was not a student loan but I was skeptical. I researched an ISA in Business Insider, Forbes, American Institute for Research, etc.

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