Funding for Graduate Students – Nov. 15th, 2012

15 Nov

Graduate students have less competition receiving free money for college. Professors get paid from conducting research in addition to teaching classes at colleges.  They manage and supervise their research but actual works are done by their graduate students. The most of them prefer graduate students who work 24/7. My advice to present or perspective graduate student is as follows:

  • Take a class and impress a professor by asking questions beyond his/her class assignment,
  • Get to know a professor and be friendly,
  • Ideally before starting graduate school, you might want to talk to a professor you like to study with, and
  • Invest your time to research a professor what research s/he has (Some professors are really good at receiving a lot of research money).

I once had a professor telling me to take a loan while I was in a graduate school. If you hear a professor advising you to borrow money, don’t walk but run away from him/her!  There is always some research money somewhere. Don’t borrow any money to go to graduate school.

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