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Social Media – January 26, 2013

26 Jan

What you write or upload on your Facebook or Twitter is not private. And it will stay in the cyberspace forever. If you have Facebook or Twitter account, please do not have anything I list below:

  1. Your naked or near-naked picture,
  2. Vulgar language or threatening message to someone or something, especially anti-social messages,
  3. Racist comments, and
  4. Your picture or someone else supporting underage drinking consuming drugs.

Even you might have perfect SAT score, you are risking yourself not be admitted in some colleges. Academic record is the first thing admission officers will look at but if they detect some behavior or attitude problem in you, then you will be crossed out.

I hope you will never publish anything described above because they are not right, not because you want to get in your dream college. Be accountable what you say on web or any other form or shape! (including me and other adults, too)

$10,000 College Degree in Texas – January 14, 2013

14 Jan

Last year, Texas Governor, Rick Perry announced that State of Texas offer $10,000 undergraduate college degrees. It sounds like a savior from a heaven to lighten financial burdens of prospective students. I wanted to know more. How can they do it? The average State college in nationwide costs about $8600 per year. In summary, $10,000 undergraduate college degree program combines credits from some high school classes, community colleges, and 4-year colleges. What is new then? Many students have already gone or are going through this path – finish AA degree at community college and then transfer to 4-year degree in order to save money.

My take is that State should educate students well prepared before college. Then many students will be able to graduate from college, on time.

Happy New Year!

2 Jan

Do you think that your State can manage college education?

My answer is, unfortunately No. From admission policy to budget management, I am disappointed with public 4-year colleges. Under the name of diversity, State run universities have been admitting many academically insufficient students. The result is half of students in public universities won’t graduate. I hope State will emphasize K-12 education to make students well prepared before starting college.