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New York College Tuition Free Program

2 May

State of NY has just started State college tuition free for NY State residents. Please go to the following link to read more,  Besides usual and predictable rules such as family income, academic achievement, etc., there is a big string attached on this program. A student must stay in NY for four years after gra duating from college; else you need to pay the tuition back. This sounds awfully familiar to a student loan forgiveness program – you need to work for certain public sector jobs. NY is a great place but do you really want to limit yourself where you work and live? “Free tuition” sounds great. But anytime there are some restrictions, you lose some choices. You might be Missing Out Great Opportunities (MOGO)! You are obligated to stay in NY even you see greater job offers in other places. No one knows what choices and possibilities you will come across in the future. Do you want to miss a great out-of-state or out-of-country opportunity?
Instead, I will rather find a college I can afford, study hard to receive scholarships, and work and save money for college. Besides, this is a state government program. You never know when they ax the program because of the budget problem, change of policy, or anything. NY college tuition free program is NOT free.