Choosing a college when you don’t know what you want to be or study

24 Jun

This topic is tough one and very common. I honestly did not really know what to major at college before starting my freshman year at University of Washington. People in this category might be thinking “I will figure out what I want to study while I am in college.” If this sounds like you, ask yourself and/or research the followings:
1. What do you like doing even you don’t get paid?
2. What is your strength? For example, are you good at analyzing large amount of data? Are you good at interacting with people? Your strength is something it comes out from you naturally without much effort.
3. What kind of jobs are there using your skills and passions? If a college major of your interest does not have any practical use in the real world, you might want to rethink of the study field.
4. What potential earnings do these jobs give you? Money is not everything but financial independence will give you more freedom.

O.K., some of you might say, “I love singing.” Or “I like playing a basketball.” I personally love playing the piano and wanted to be a pianist. These are great passions but I must tell you that there are no middle class for art, entertainment, music, and sport fields. I do not want you to lose your dream but I want you to think what you can do with your skills to earn a decent income. Passion and dream alone is not enough. Unfortunately the most of us are not the top performers. So if you want to study singing at college, think of what other skills you can acquire at college and use all skills to market yourself in the real world. For example, if you earn English and music degrees at college, then you might be able to market yourself as a music writer for music magazine or website.

Passion alone is not enough; job marketability alone worn you out later. Ask yourself what you love to do and then how you could apply your passion and college degree for your future.

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