MissionU – Alternative to College?

18 Nov

I was talking to a friend of mine and she told me she was thinking to go back to school. She has an associate degree but not a 4-year degree. When I asked her if a bachelor degree is necessary for her current or prospective job, she said, “No, not really.”
It is so common to assume going to school automatically enhances your career. But it is not always true. If you wonder in school and don’t know what and why you want to study, the college diploma will be just a piece of paper. A college degree does not guarantee a great paying job. In fact, some jobs do not require a college degree.
For those of you thinking college is not for me, there is an alternative. MissionU is one of them. For the detail, please go to www.missionu.com. The program focuses on career – data analytics and business intelligence field only. It is a year program with zero tuition, but 15% of future income is taken out for 3 years if the income exceeds $50,000 or more.
MissionU has just started so no one knows if it will be successful. I don’t know if MissionU graduates will be gainfully employed. I think it depends on how motivated and focused a person is in the program. It might work for people who are self-starter and goal oriented in data analytics and business intelligence field. I am interested in how MissionU or similar program could help people in a job market. Also I am curious how this kind of program affects existing college system. Would you be interested in enrolling in MissionU or similar program? Why? Why not?

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