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Tutoring Services – February 15th, 2013

15 Feb

Tutoring services are popping up everywhere to help children from preschool to 12th grade. I started wondering if enrollment in one of tutoring service institutions such as Sylvan, Kumon, Huntington, and others is really effective. Parents spend money to let their children go to “school” after school.

I decided to investigate personally as a prospective tutor at one of learning centers. I won’t name it but one tutoring place I visited seemed like a quiet factory. There were many different age groups in one room. Each student took a booklet from his/her own file and sat down quietly solving problems. And s/he took the booklet to an instructor to be graded.

The concept is simple – each student progresses at own pace. It is just simple drills, tons of drills. After these repeated practice, a student can solve math or reading problems easily and quickly.


  • Quiet classroom environment
  • Practice makes sense
  • Curriculum supplement for what the regular schools don’t have much time for – drills



  • You could do this at home simply doing homework from school
  • No creative thinking – everything is mechanical and automatic response in the end
  • Costly

My take is that if you or your child is easily distracted at home, then this kind of institution might be helpful. But you can do it for free by creating an environment you can concentrate. For example, turn off music and a cell phone in your room. Decide what you want to accomplish and time yourself. It is all about your decision and self discipline. Don’t waste money!! You can do it!